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High Street Dreams

Earlier this year I managed to get  from over 1000  candidates in London – down to the final four in the Baby and Toy category in Maidstone Kent.  This was for the recently BBC 1 programme  of the same name ‘High Street Dreams’

I have  have found a wonderful Designer called Christine – fresh from |Bournemouth University…followed by my brilliant PR & Marketing friend Darren… We also have the best Graphic Designer in Bournemouth- in my eyes – and that is Tamsin- we have two Web Designers…Social Media  Guru & lots of strong contacts to help drive this dream forward by creating a ‘Brand’

Since then –  an Investor (Angel) has come forward and some amazing contacts who can help create the branding and drive my dream forward.
Little Miss Dynamite…

I have also set up my own group of very talented people… we meet once a month to help each other – one stands out from the rest including me… and she is Sheila… she reminds me of Brenda Lee… in that – what did they used to call her?  Yes… ‘Little Miss Dynamite’ and this is what she is… Dynamite.

A sentence or question or problem has not even completed its time before Sheila has the answer … she thinks on her feet and is a problem solver – with her helping me on this journey oh boy…we will no longer be on foot… coach…or train… but we will be flying high through cloudless blue skies – and much more down to earth… but still flying… we will be on the first page of Google because she is a  true professional in Social Media and… well just follow our journey and watch this space. I’m both proud and pleased to call Sheila a friend.

I have kissed the Blarney stone three times… so I will always have something to say. BFN.

Presently we are waiting for a Prototype to be make in the UK – this we will then send to China… by doing things this way we will avoid some of the problems which we had last time when we went into production in China i.e. wrong colour etc… this time if we have to go to China ourselves then so be it… just to make sure that we tick all of the boxes this timew round – we cannot afford any more expensive mistakes.

Earls Court BabyShow

We went up to the Baby Show last Friday the 22nd of October – mainly to do research and to make some strong contacts.  The most important one which I made was with the Charity Bliss.  My plan is to help them when the timing is right.

Hi from MyBabyLog Headquarters

It’s all very exciting in the office today, we are all starting to develop the Social Media Campaign for MyBabylog with the help of Darren Northeast and Sheila West.  We are currently developing our Facebook account and our Twitter Account, so will be busy updating all of our followers with lots of exciting news throughout 2011.

Here at MyBabylog we have lots of exciting things happening in the next twelve months so make sure you come back on a regular basis and keep up to date.

We are absolutely delighted that the sales of Mybabylog are increasing day by day – and we have recently had an influx of orders leading up to the Christmas rush.  Have you thought about a gift for that precious new member of the family yet?

If not… you know where we are!