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My Daily Prayer…(from the Heart)

“Use me God, Show me how to take who I am, who I want to be, and what I can do, and use it for a purpose… greater than myself”

A dreamer of dreams

I’m a Pisces and a Dreamer which results in me also being an Innovator.  I have created many product ideas…however My Babylog is the biggest and most costly to date…there will be more to follow … trust me.

Have I made mistakes… oh boy! Tons of them – but this is what makes you stronger.  I can dust myself off and start all over again – and that’s what it’s all about… staying power and believing in yourself and in your dreams.

People come into your life for a reason…some good reasons and sadly some bad.  I believe that if you grow with the good and learn from the bad… so overall a good balance to move forward with.  You see, even the bad was good in its own way because these lessons in life you cannot buy – this is all part of your journey.

My Babylog began as a dream when my own daughter was a baby – because like most mother’s we save all the precious memories from that time.  I even have the dressing gown which I took into Boscombe Hospital to have my daughter.  I also have her Hospital I.D. her last milk bottle – all her Birth Cards – the Babygrow which she wore on the day we left hospital ten days later.  A picture of her in her first little dress, all her favourite toys…I really could go on for ever – come visit me sometime in my loft and you’ll get the picture.

So, this will give you some idea as to where MyBabylog arrived from.  My first prototype was in the name of ‘Mother’s Precious Memories’ this was a plastic case and had potential – but the cost of tooling up in plastic was not viable – besides we did not have the money.   Life got in the way… helping David run the family business and running a home with students etc… always moving home and doing up each property to gain a better footing on the property ladder.

I knew one day when our main priority which was our daughter Siobhan –  had everything i.e the best education that time and money could buy – that I would return to my dreams – until then I tried to improve my own lack of education by doing many courses.

I took French for a short while – followed by Spanish for a year.  Three years upholstery…I even paid to do a secretarial Course. Three years writing classes.  Vegetarian Cookery Classes.  Then one full year at Bournemouth University in Catering Management before buying a ten bed roomed hotel in Southbourne and hit the ground on the May Bank Holiday…running.  running…running and did not stop for a five years – then sold at a very nice profit.