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The Nesting Instinct

My wonderful daughter is presently expecting her second child. When she was pregnant with our Grandson Noah, I was beside myself with excitement at the thought of my first ever grandchild. As soon as we found out that she was expecting a boy I had to constrain myself not to rush out and go on a huge shopping spree.

I  fondly remember when I was pregnant myself with Siobhan, I was so nervous about my pregnancy and the health of my baby, that I did not indulge myself to buy anything at all – not even a pram – because I was so worried in case things did not go smoothly.

These days life is so much simpler I’m happy to say. With all the developments of modern midwifery care and safe screening of all pregnancies, mothers can be reassured about the good health and well being of their developing foetus.

With this new found peace of mind  mums today feel totally at ease scanning the internet for the latest Baby Gifts and New Born Gifts so that they can be well prepared and organised well before the safe delivery of their baby. This nesting instinct is part of a natural process in the preperation for being a mum. In fact, even their friends have got into the swing of the preperations, which explains why Baby Showers have become so popular that everyone can share in the excitment.

I am often contacted by friends and work colleagues who see MyBabylog as a great Baby Shower Gift for the mum to be. Sometimes in a larger group of friends they will fill the MyBabylog Memory Chest compartments with Baby Boy or Baby Girl gifts e.g. First Teddy or Baby Booties etc…

I just want to take this opportunity of wishing all the new Mums-to-be in 2012 a huge Congratulations – and I’ll keep you posted on our new arrival sometime in Febraury…

So from Mybabylog Headquarters…‘Let The Journey begin’