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Keepsakes Box for Babies…Memories are made of this

Whenever you look for baby gifts, it’s sometimes difficult to know what to buy.  After all, you want to give something special to new mums but the options are considerable and extremely varied.

Yes, you can give flowers but unless your new mum has time to press one of them for the future (which let’s face it is highly unlikely as you’re busy and need your rest) the choices can be limited for the buyer.

Baby bracelets, baby toys and small christening boxes are given reglarly and while they’re lovely – they don’t have that ‘wow’ factor!

One of the reasons I created the My Babylog Keepsake chest was not only to give people a chance to find something really special for new parents, but it was also because I understand how important it is to remember as much as possible from birth in to adulthood of that special little person.

Those memories are precious and as a ‘nanny’ myself, I know how important treasures from childhood are.

I’ve always been fond of people and little people especially.  They have such innocence and bring so much joy to the world – whether it’s playing in the sand or getting dirty in the garden.  They embrace life the way that I still try to embrace it now.

So if you’re looking for something extra special as a gift for a new parent, then consider one of my baby keepsake boxes as it will bring joy for many, many years to any proud parents, and it will really help baby understand who they are as they get older.