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Sunshine and Smiles at MyBabylog

Salutations from MyBabylog HQ!

Things are really hotting up in here and it is not just the sunshine. There are 3 irons in the fire and even if just one of these take off, MyBabylog would be flying high!

Proud to say that more MyBabylog boxes were sold this month than ever before reaching a new all time high. Happy to inform you that a MyBabylog Memory chest was delivered to one famous baby born in July.

Sales of our Inkless Hand and Footprint kits are increasing month by month and selling throughout Europe like hotcakes and the sales are growing in Ireland too.

The July Royal edition of Mumpreneur UK Magazine should be hitting the stands any moment! Look out for MyBabylog as the special Mumpreneur ‘Feature of the Month’.

The latest addition to MyBabylog, which is ‘My First Heartbeat’ Recorder is making great progress. Its a very new and exciting product.

You can now order yours here !