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Hallelujah from the Mybabylog HQ,

We are proud to say that past few days we received beautiful reviews from two amazing companies online. The first review was from Jo Leigh of the Country Child Magazine based under ‘Precious Memories’ which was then followed by another brilliant review by Joan Little of Pampered Presents in Ireland. Looks like we are going places!

When we talk about ‘Going Places’, now for the most exciting news to date!

We are extremely happy to announce that we have agreed with Mothercare for them to sell MyBabylog Memory Chests. This is a great achievement for us – it is a very proud moment to be associated with Mothercare, who are already present in countries like Dubai and Russia as well. So, we will have an Internation platform – how exciting is this!!

And if you thought it could not get better than this, our next bit of news is that Amazon also want to wholesale MyBabylog products, we are over the moon and wanted to share this brilliant news with you all.

Finally for now, our new product prototype should be with us soon! Keep following MyBabylog for more updates on this exciting bit of news.