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What to expect in 2015

We have exciting news coming for 2015, some of which we can share with you now!

Firstly a redesigned website will be going live imminently, ok so that’s not quite a 2015 announcement, however it will introduce many new concepts including:

  • A “Hall of Fame” to welcome your little ones to the MyBabylog family.
  • New products to compliment our popular items.
  • Personalised gifts for other members of the family – integrate with new arrivals or simply make an individual gift.

So now to tease you about the news that we can’t really tell you about…!

MyBabylog will be getting a great deal of exposure in the first half of next year.
Everybody was someone’s little acorn once…happily acorns grow into mighty oaks and some, including MyBabylog founder Barbara Fowler, have also stayed young at heart.
So while you are making memories, put a reminder in your TV schedule.  We’ll let you know when!