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Always Expect the Unexpected…

At My Babylog HQ, 2015 brought highlights in the form of a new big name retailer, a BBC4 series and recognition amongst local businesswomen.

2016 is set to bring even more opportunities for our MD, Barbara Fowler, as already the year has seen two radio interviews booked.

Hope FM Venus Finals at Stewarts

On Hope FM, Sharon Channing will be talking with Barbara, Caroline Swaine, Lisa Pierson and Gill Donnell MBE, all Ambassadors of the Venus Women in Business Awards, discussing the recognition of being nominated by their peers and having gone on to win their categories.  The Ambassadors will be on hand to inspire future candidates, and winners, to be the best they can be in their line of business.

Hospital Radio Bedside Babs on BBC4 Close To The Edge

Mary Hurst will be having a chat with Barbara on Hopsital Radio Bedside (a Charity of which Barbara has been an Honorary Member for over 20 years) finding out about her role in BBC4’s scripted-reality series based on the lives of people over 65 in Bournemouth, (nobody likes the label “OAP”!).  THe show had mixed reviews, with some disliking the demographic of the characters (being more used to the younger generation being depicted on such programmes), however the controversial players and scripted dialogue lead personalities to clash and be portrayed outside of their usual character.

Now released from the confines of her contract, the interview will reveal a behind-the-scenes truth of life in a reality series!


Stay tuned!