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Brian Conley on Buy It Now (Channel 4 and Studio Lambert)


So we are now allowed to tell you something that we have been keeping a secret for a while.

Our MD Barbara, spent a (very long) day in London filming for a new TV show for Channel 4.  Buy It Now is presented by Brian Conley and gives entrepreneurs the chance to meet buyers from top companies.  But first each must get through a round of audience opinion.

His catchphrase “If you’re keen, make it green” refers to the 100 audience members having a light which shows their interest in the product.  And that’s before the price is revealed.

Keep just one of these lit and you’re through to speak to the professional buyers who may make an offer to stock the product.

Our episode (Ep. 20) airs on Friday 11th May 2018 on Channel 4 at 17:30.


Fingers crossed 😉