About Us

We are a family run company with big ideas.  We have a number of products yet to be introduced as the “My Babylog” family continues to grow and to compliment the sister product “My Weddinglog”.

Our ethics are important to us, wherever possible we use materials which can be recycled and low-impact manufacturing processes.  Therefore, we are always keen to deal with companies which are run with the same principles in mind.

The concept behind My Babylog;

“Every child has the right to know their family roots.  It is with this in mind that My Babylog offers an important base for their family to build upon.  Children need to feel wanted and special.  My dream is for every child to have their very own My Babylog memory chest, so that when they reach adulthood they can receive this precious heirloom as a gift – filled with all the wonderful memories, milestones and rites of passage of their journey (so far) that have been lovingly collected and stored through the years.”

Invest in your baby’s journey with this unique keepsake box and watch it grow with them.


Barbara Fowler

M.D. My Babylog Ltd


In the Autumn of 2014 I was approached by the BBC to participate in a “scripted reality” series about retired people in Bournemouth (except I refuse to retire!).  The series was called “Close To The Edge” and we mentioned it in our BLOG and was originally intended to follow a selection of characters over 70 years of age as they go about their daily lives.  Apparently the producers, Electric Ray, lowered the age limit to 65 once they had been introduced to me (I think this was a compliment) and I became the youngest member of the cast.
“Scripted reality” means that we were encouraged to go places, have meetings, discussions and air views to fit in with the series storylines, however in the final episode a one-off documentary entitled “Life Begins at 65” meant that some of the cast were let loose to give our real views on many subjects affecting older people today.

Here are “Babs’s Best Bits” – a montage from the documentary, talking about childhood, education, hopes and dreams, married life, motherhood, being a grandmother, business ideas, (avoiding) retirement, care for the elderly and what I want to achieve for others while I still can.