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Filming nearly in the can!

So we’ve teased you about a programme that My Babylog founder, Barbara Fowler, has been working on for the last few months.

While we still can’t say too much at the moment, due to restrictions in the contract, we can say that there are only three days of filming left before it’s “in the can” as they say.

Truthfully it’s been a bit of a roller coaster, with laughs and jokes and the obligatory clashes of personalities and freeze-frame moments, but hopefully it will relate truthfully to events after going through the editing suite!

When we have an air date, we’ll be sure to update you.

What to expect in 2015

We have exciting news coming for 2015, some of which we can share with you now!

Firstly a redesigned website will be going live imminently, ok so that’s not quite a 2015 announcement, however it will introduce many new concepts including:

  • A “Hall of Fame” to welcome your little ones to the MyBabylog family.
  • New products to compliment our popular items.
  • Personalised gifts for other members of the family – integrate with new arrivals or simply make an individual gift.

So now to tease you about the news that we can’t really tell you about…!

MyBabylog will be getting a great deal of exposure in the first half of next year.
Everybody was someone’s little acorn once…happily acorns grow into mighty oaks and some, including MyBabylog founder Barbara Fowler, have also stayed young at heart.
So while you are making memories, put a reminder in your TV schedule.  We’ll let you know when!

Hallelujah from the Mybabylog HQ,

We are proud to say that past few days we received beautiful reviews from two amazing companies online. The first review was from Jo Leigh of the Country Child Magazine based under ‘Precious Memories’ which was then followed by another brilliant review by Joan Little of Pampered Presents in Ireland. Looks like we are going places!

When we talk about ‘Going Places’, now for the most exciting news to date!

We are extremely happy to announce that we have agreed with Mothercare for them to sell MyBabylog Memory Chests. This is a great achievement for us – it is a very proud moment to be associated with Mothercare, who are already present in countries like Dubai and Russia as well. So, we will have an Internation platform – how exciting is this!!

And if you thought it could not get better than this, our next bit of news is that Amazon also want to wholesale MyBabylog products, we are over the moon and wanted to share this brilliant news with you all.

Finally for now, our new product prototype should be with us soon! Keep following MyBabylog for more updates on this exciting bit of news.

Happy Days ahead at MyBabylog!

Two great meetings happened over the past week. One with a major high street retailer and the other with the number one online retailer in the world!!

Things are looking very positive for MyBabylog as we feel we will be reaching new heights and taking our innovative brand across a wider audience.

All the hard work that we have put in the the past few months continuously is finally paying off! We have many other irons in the fire and if everything goes according to plan, MyBabylog will be a part of the key players in the field.

We are very grateful to all our present customers and thank you enormously for buying into our dream.

We feel that the future looks very bright and we would love to have you with us on our successful journey forward.

We will keep everyone posted with all the good things that come our way.

Greetings from MyBabylog HQ!

Sunshine and Smiles at MyBabylog

Salutations from MyBabylog HQ!

Things are really hotting up in here and it is not just the sunshine. There are 3 irons in the fire and even if just one of these take off, MyBabylog would be flying high!

Proud to say that more MyBabylog boxes were sold this month than ever before reaching a new all time high. Happy to inform you that a MyBabylog Memory chest was delivered to one famous baby born in July.

Sales of our Inkless Hand and Footprint kits are increasing month by month and selling throughout Europe like hotcakes and the sales are growing in Ireland too.

The July Royal edition of Mumpreneur UK Magazine should be hitting the stands any moment! Look out for MyBabylog as the special Mumpreneur ‘Feature of the Month’.

The latest addition to MyBabylog, which is ‘My First Heartbeat’ Recorder is making great progress. Its a very new and exciting product.

You can now order yours here !

June’s coming up Roses

June has been hectic here at Mybabylog.

It started with meeting some very special people from India, who we introduced to afternoon English tea in Dorset.

The weekend of the 1st and 2nd of June started with a two-day event- The South West Baby show. Perhaps, it could be partly due to the good weather that the footfall at the show was no where near as MyBabylog usually receives.

However, we met some really nice traders at the show and we would stay in touch with them. Hope to see them at other baby shows in the future.

Next we had the Venus Business Women’s awards where we nominated two of the winners, Arlene Edge and Gemma Freeman. It was a very proud and enjoyable moment for all concerned. This also shows that we recognize a winner when we see one.

The winners were announced at a very well attended dinner gala which resulted in a great and memorable evening.

MyBabylog was featured in the launch of the Achieve Magazine, for mothers and toddlers, last month. Achieve is a deluxe magazine with a long shelf life of 6 months.

Speaking about Magazines, we will be featured as ‘Mumpreneur of the Month’ for the July Royal edition. To say we are over the moon is an understatement.

June also brought us some very exciting news. Coleen Rooney purchased 2 Blue MyBabylog memory chests for her baby boys- Klay and Kai. As Coleen joins our growing list of celebrities owning Mybabylog chests, we wish her many years of making precious-memories.

My First Heartbeat showcase

Salutations from MyBabylog!

Happy to say that the past week kept us on our toes fulfilling orders. With MyBabylog being featured in Achieve, a mother-toddler magazine’s first edition out this month, to showcasing My 1st Heartbeat at the Littledown event has all led to a very exciting time.

My 1st Heartbeat was showcased at the Little Pickles event at Littledown on Sunday the 12th of May. We were overwhelmed with the positive responses and multiple orders taken at the show for the Heartbeats.

However due to the fact that our presentation boxes had not arrived on time for the event, we were not able to make spot sales but we happily took multiple orders for deliveries. Please check out My 1st Heartbeat on our Facebook page, in case you missed it and be amongst the first to buy one of these exciting innovations.

All other products like our signature Mybabylog memory chest, My first Steiff bear, steiff blankets, the inkless kits, etc received great attention too.

We are happy to announce that we will be selling My 1st Heartbeat and our other products at the next event ‘The South West Baby Show’ at the Pavillion, Bournemouth.

This is going to take place on 1st and 2nd of June from 11 AM to 5 PM, offering free entry, so we look forward to seeing all of you at the event.

Events for May 2013

Thursday the 9th of May, let’s hope for another Sunny day!

MyBabylog will be attending another Darren Northeast PR and Marketing event at the Italian Villa at Compton Acres at Canford Cliffs on the 9th of May 2013.

I will be taking along two friends who have never met and whose birthday is on the same day!!!

Sunday the 12th, we will be at the Little Pickles events at Littledown. This will be from 10- 3.30.

Hope to see you all there.

Our new little exciting product will be on showcase at this event and we cannot wait for you to see it for yourself.

Hoping that you would be as excited as we are.

Also, keep an eye on the launch of a new Mum and Toddler Magazine called “Achieve”, as we are featured in their very first issue.

Many more events on the Horizon. We will keep everyone updated as and when.

Did we ever mention that we are very proud to be associated with the famous Steiff Bears? You can check My First Steiff bear on our website here.

And while we discuss these wonderful bears, why not check out our new 3D Video of our Coffee and Cream MyBabylog on the homepage!

Spread the word and happy shopping on the soon-to-be No.1 Baby shower gifts website- Mybabylog!

Our New Exciting Secret

Greetings from a (finally) sunny Bournemouth!

Lots of exciting things to share from MyBabylog HQ.

After a wonderful editorial in the Mumpreneur magazine in the recent edition (March 2013), we have a full page editorial being published in the exciting new mother and toddler magazine- ‘Achieve’ which will be published in May 2013.

This will also be announcing our latest innovation to the unique MyBabylog brand. To find out our exciting new secret, please check out the magazine in May. Later, we will be posting the magazine article online for all our friends.

We have an exciting event coming up called- Little Pickles South Coast Baby and Toddler Show on Sunday 12th May, 10am-3.30pm, Littledown Centre, Bournemouth 

We would be showcasing our new secret product there and would be delighted to see you at the event!

Let the Journey Begin…!

MyBabylog at the ‘Just for Mums’ charity event

Good Morning from Sunny… no forget that … from Snowy Bournemouth.  When will spring ever begin?

We had a very successful evening at the recent ‘Just for Mums’ event at the Hallmark Hotel in Bournemouth.  This event was on behalf of Poole Maternity Unit and proved very successful. This was run by the very Yummy Mummy Emma Louise of ‘Emma Louise Events’… definitely a young business lady who is going places.

MyBabylog was proud to show off our new addition to the family… our ‘new’ Coffee and Cream MyBabylog Memory Chest.  Our new protégé Minee and I  also managed to do some market research with the prototype of our new product – the feedback was everything and more than we ever expected.

Before we divulge any more details, just a secret that this new product should be with us within weeks… and that it is going to be a unique feather in our innovative hat. Watch MyBabylog’s social updates for more news on this one.

During the event – MyBabylog also met up with fabulous Grainne of Times to Treasure – who makes the most precious baby Jewellery ever and also the lovely Tracy of Maternity to Mischief who has just opened her very own studio in Westbourne in Poole.

Though it’s still chilly here, the event was a warm and happy one. It was a very uplifting for all attendees and can’t wait to get head on with more exciting things.

Threshold of a Dream

The Latest Addition to our innovative products!

It’s been a long time since we posted. But we intend making up for lost time by telling everyone all the great things that have been happening at the MyBabylog HQ. Its difficult knowing where to begin. In our October post, we ‘revealed’ about our new Keepsake Memory Boxes made specially for your baby. These, we are happy to announce, have now arrived. For those of you whom the sex of your baby is still a surprise, our Coffee and Cream memory chests are the perfect gift!

If this memory chest appeals to you, we are happy to reiterate that these keepsake chests are also available in pink for your baby girls and in blue for your baby boys. For more information, please contact us by emailing us, by Facebook or Twitter where we can guarantee next day delivery, just in case it is urgent.

We are also very proud to announce that the creator of MyBabylog UK, Barbara Fowler, has been nominated for five different categories (Business Mother of the Year, Home Business, Inspirational Woman, Networker of the year and New Business of the Year) in the Venus Women’s Awards 2013. Everyone who knows Barbara wishes her great success in her future with MyBabylog. Another sweet taste of success was when MyBabylog’s editorial was published in the Mumpreneur Magazine’s March Edition. Mumpreneur UK is the leading support network for mums in business, offering advice, resources, articles and events to parents who run their own business (Mumpreneur 2013- http://www.mumpreneuruk.com/). We would be delighted if you wish to read the editorial by clicking here.

Yet another exciting venture for MyBabylog is the upcoming ‘Just for Mums’ a Charity event on behalf on the Poole Maternity Unit at the Hallmark Hotel on Wednesday, the 27th of March, 2013. All monies raised will go to the Poole Maternity. If you wish to see the latest Coffee and Cream memory chest along with other innovative products of MyBabylog, we would be very pleased to see you at the event.

Ward off the Autumn Chill

Welcome to our November blog post. We’re pleased to report we have some warming news to ward off the autumn chill…

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of the world’s best-loved teddies – the famous Steiff Bears! These wonderful characters have the prestigious title of being the first ever teddy bear with movable arms and legs. Born in 1902, you really can feel their loving heritage. And with the Steiff trademark yellow button in their ear, you know you’re holding the real thing.

The Steiff range of bears is extensive, but we’ve chosen the teddy that’s perfect for newborns – the Steiff Sleep Well Bear. Made from the softest plush, it’s the ideal companion for your little one. Why not take a look at our shop for more details – they exude quality and make an ideal christening or baby shower gift.

But the news doesn’t stop there. We’re excited about the imminent arrival of our third new MyBabylog Box. Already available in pink and blue, our gorgeous gift will be launched in luxurious Coffee and Cream. These will be available in 2013, so the phrase ‘good things come to those who wait’ has never been more true!

We’re also in the process of manufacturing a new product that’s got the MyBabylog headquarters buzzing…but we can’t reveal all quite yet! All we can say is that it’ll be available early 2013, and is a worthy addition to our already fabulous range…

It really is all go here, and with an eye to adding even more treasures to our range we’re now looking for small luxury items ideal for keeping inside a MyBabylog Memory Chest. We’re keen to hear from individuals and companies who have products that fit the bill – if they’re high-quality, unique and full of charm, we’re bound to like them!

If you think your product would sit nicely in our online shop, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re a friendly family company with big ambitions! Plus, there’s nothing we enjoy more than a good old chat about baby gifts…

Let The Journey Begin…

Keepsakes Box for Babies…Memories are made of this

Whenever you look for baby gifts, it’s sometimes difficult to know what to buy.  After all, you want to give something special to new mums but the options are considerable and extremely varied.

Yes, you can give flowers but unless your new mum has time to press one of them for the future (which let’s face it is highly unlikely as you’re busy and need your rest) the choices can be limited for the buyer.

Baby bracelets, baby toys and small christening boxes are given reglarly and while they’re lovely – they don’t have that ‘wow’ factor!

One of the reasons I created the My Babylog Keepsake chest was not only to give people a chance to find something really special for new parents, but it was also because I understand how important it is to remember as much as possible from birth in to adulthood of that special little person.

Those memories are precious and as a ‘nanny’ myself, I know how important treasures from childhood are.

I’ve always been fond of people and little people especially.  They have such innocence and bring so much joy to the world – whether it’s playing in the sand or getting dirty in the garden.  They embrace life the way that I still try to embrace it now.

So if you’re looking for something extra special as a gift for a new parent, then consider one of my baby keepsake boxes as it will bring joy for many, many years to any proud parents, and it will really help baby understand who they are as they get older.

Keepsakes Box for Babies…Memories are made of this

Whenever you look for baby gifts, it’s sometimes difficult to know what to buy.  After all, you want to give something special to new mums but the options are considerable and extremely varied.

Yes, you can give flowers but unless your new mum has time to press one of them for the future (which let’s face it is highly unlikely as you’re busy and need your rest) the choices can be limited for the buyer.

Baby bracelets, baby toys and small christening boxes are given reglarly and while they’re lovely – they don’t have that ‘wow’ factor!

One of the reasons I created the My Babylog Keepsake chest was not only to give people a chance to find something really special for new parents, but it was also because I understand how important it is to remember as much as possible from birth in to adulthood of that special little person.

Those memories are precious and as a ‘nanny’ myself, I know how important treasures from childhood are.

I’ve always been fond of people and little people especially.  They have such innocence and bring so much joy to the world – whether it’s playing in the sand or getting dirty in the garden.  They embrace life the way that I still try to embrace it now.

So if you’re looking for something extra special as a gift for a new parent, then consider one of my baby keepsake boxes as it will bring joy for many, many years to any proud parents, and it will really help baby understand who they are as they get older.

The Nesting Instinct

My wonderful daughter is presently expecting her second child. When she was pregnant with our Grandson Noah, I was beside myself with excitement at the thought of my first ever grandchild. As soon as we found out that she was expecting a boy I had to constrain myself not to rush out and go on a huge shopping spree.

I  fondly remember when I was pregnant myself with Siobhan, I was so nervous about my pregnancy and the health of my baby, that I did not indulge myself to buy anything at all – not even a pram – because I was so worried in case things did not go smoothly.

These days life is so much simpler I’m happy to say. With all the developments of modern midwifery care and safe screening of all pregnancies, mothers can be reassured about the good health and well being of their developing foetus.

With this new found peace of mind  mums today feel totally at ease scanning the internet for the latest Baby Gifts and New Born Gifts so that they can be well prepared and organised well before the safe delivery of their baby. This nesting instinct is part of a natural process in the preperation for being a mum. In fact, even their friends have got into the swing of the preperations, which explains why Baby Showers have become so popular that everyone can share in the excitment.

I am often contacted by friends and work colleagues who see MyBabylog as a great Baby Shower Gift for the mum to be. Sometimes in a larger group of friends they will fill the MyBabylog Memory Chest compartments with Baby Boy or Baby Girl gifts e.g. First Teddy or Baby Booties etc…

I just want to take this opportunity of wishing all the new Mums-to-be in 2012 a huge Congratulations – and I’ll keep you posted on our new arrival sometime in Febraury…

So from Mybabylog Headquarters…‘Let The Journey begin’

Welcoming Baby

The arrival of newborn babies is a time for blissful celebration. It’s one of those life-changing moments for a family because they see their family grow. Newborn babies make a family feel that little bit more complete and they bring so much love into their parents lives that they never forget.

The wait

The magic of baby memories starts from the first ultrasound. The moment you see that tiny life growing inside of you is the moment your life transforms and goes down a completely different path.

Ultrasounds, really, are your first introduction to the littlest member of your family. They show you your baby on a fuzzy little screen, they even let you hear the vibrations of your little baby’s heartbeat. For most mums, that’s the biggest teaser of all. They can see their baby, they can feel the baby growing, but they can’t reach out and touch.

The ultrasound shows you that precious baby as it grows and makes you yearn to hold them tightly. This can make mums feel impatient like a child at Christmas; it’s the ultimate example of seeing something that you want desperately but can’t quite have. Patience is a virtue, but it’s almost impossible to be that virtuous or patient when you are that excited to meet your newborn baby.

The arrival

Nine months go by and your baby is eager to get out to greet you. Although the process of giving birth can be uncomfortable for some mothers, the end result makes all of that a completely distant memory. That first time that you see your newborn baby is an irreplaceable, treasured memory.

Holding such a precious little life in your arms for the first time is such a powerful and special moment. From the first cries to the first time they hold your finger, it’s as if time stops completely and there’s only you, your baby and your family in the whole world. The pain and discomfort just falls away into nothingness and your life fits together in a bright new way.

Memories and keepsakes

Nothing is more precious than giving life to a newborn and the memories deserve to be preserved and treasured forever. Thinking about births in your family or in your circle of friends is instantly heart-warming and so magical that you need something special to keep all of your memories together.

The My BabyLog memory chest gives you one beautifully hand-crafted keepsake box to hold everything: first tooth, hospital tag, even your first picture of your precious newborn. This chest of memories keeps you and your baby close together forever. You can pass it down to them as they grow older; you can sit down with them and show them who they were as they become who they will be.

Whether it’s for your baby or someone else’s, our memory chest is a way to keep hold of every last detail of your baby from the very first moments of their life.

Thanks for reading!

Barbara x

The first steps towards a lifetime of memories

There are so many memories to cherish when your children are born that you’re spoilt for choice. Everything memory is a gift worth keeping for as long as you possibly can. Some people keep scrapbooks, others keep photographs, but a keepsake memory chest is a sweet way to keep everything in one place. It can grow from a chest of memories into a family heirloom that you pass down to your children as they get older.

It’s all down to our perception, but children seem to be growing up so quickly these days. Days fly by, quickly becoming years before we even realise. MyBabyLog can keep the sadness of time at bay and give you the chance to keep hold of every precious memory of your newborn babies for the rest of their lives.

The MyBabyLog keepsake box will hold all sorts of wonderful firsts that you proud parents experience with your newborn baby. You can fill out your family tree to show them where they came from – a lot easier than entering BBC’s ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’, wouldn’t you agree? There are so many firsts that come and go so quickly that it’s important to have something to collect them all in one place and protect them from being lost to time.

Baby’s first scan

There are precious few moments as magical as the first time you go for an ultrasound and see your baby developing inside you. Something changes inside you when you see that precious life on the screen; it’s as if your whole life pieces together in a single moment. You can store baby’s first scan picture in the My BabyLog memory chest and show your son or daughter as they grow up. When it comes time for them to have their first child, they can pass it down and add their own baby scan pictures to the box. It’s another lovely way of creating a family heirloom that’s passed down from parent to child.

Baby’s first tooth

When baby loses their first tooth, it’s an important step on their road to development. That special first tooth is a reminder that their journey has started and they’re beginning to grow up as they replace their baby teeth. While teething can be a painful time for newborn babies, baby’s first tooth is a simple reminder of the time when they were new to this world and so tiny. Their first tooth symbolises their innocence and dependence on parents, something which they grow out of far too quickly for our liking! (Well, some do…)

Our babies are our most delicate and special gifts; we love to share and cherish every single moment as it graces us because time races on ahead without a care for savouring the ones that mean the most to us. With the MyBabyLog memory chest, you are never more than a few minutes away from reliving a lifetime of happy memories.

Barbara x

Earls Court baby show winners

Warmest Congratulations

To the following winners of the ‘MyBabylog Memory Chest’ Prize Draw.

  •     Friday’s Winner was Clare Sandilands.
  •     Saturday’s Winner was Nicola Klein and
  •     Sunday’s Winner was Jordan Toby.

Thanks to everyone for taking part in our Prize Draw… it was really wonderful meeting everyone of you and receiving such positive feedback on MyBabylog.

Baby Memory Chests – A nice way to chart baby progress

The other day a gift of the My Babylog keepsake chest was given to soon-to-be parents.  It was one of those ‘friends of friends’ really but upon receiving the memory box they were absolutely overjoyed at it, loved the fact that it could store a lot more than just Christening keepsakes, but the entire baby’s life – all in one box.

They are expecting their baby in August of this year which is apparently a boy – so congratulations to them on their very special gift!

What was really interesting is that they said they’d been looking for ages for a box that was a little bit better than the standard ones available and couldn’t believe the amount of drawers, compartments and little touches we put in to it.

I guess it’s love of children that made me think so much about what I would want to see in a baby keepsake box to be honest.  I know that I am a classic hoarder of beautiful things and when it comes to children and grandchildren it can be so easy to lose things.   Whether that’s the first lock of hair or their first tooth – it seems such a shame to misplace those things, which is another reason I put so much blood, sweat and tears in to creating this one.

The journey for My Babylog has been a very, very long one with so much effort to get it right – but I’m pleased to say what started out as a dream has become a reality as the My Babylog brand grows and – while it’s easy to be cynical about ‘the sale’ I do genuinely love the fact that everytime a My Babylog is given to new parents, soon-to-be parents or even Grandparents, their joy makes the past few years totally bearable!

If you want a baby keepsake box that will allow you to store much more than the norm, then I’d love you to opt for the My Babylog memory chest as hopefully you will smile as much as the soon-to-be parents that got theirs a couple of weeks ago!

Bournemouth Hotelier…

One of my many dreams was to own a small Hotel by the sea… I realised this dream some years back when David and I bought a run down Hotel in Southbourne- Bournemouth. The Hotel was on it’s last legs and had had all the blood sucked out of it – the only thing it had going for it was it’s Location…Location… Location…with wonderful sea Views a stones throw from the Hotel.

I believed in my dream and went for it 100% by doing one full year at Catering and Business Management at Bournemouth University so that we could hit the ground running with a full hotel on the May Bank Holiday weekend.

I did all the cooking – with an average of 26/28 covers for dinner bed and breakfast – I also did all the laundry late into the night.  Of course I had staff but I was very hands on – I had to be – as David was still running the family business. David was brilliant – he would walk through the door with his briefcase – put it down and I would hand him soup plates – he would just turn round and walk into the dining room – besides this he also did all the accounts etc…The entire hotel needed gutting… but I knew given the opportunity I could turn it round. All  ten rooms had to be gutted and all ten bathroom/en suites had to be replaced… so quite apart from having a teenager at this time – also trying to gut the hotel out of season and pay back huge commercial loans was a big eye opener.

I have written a book about this experience which I may try to get published when time allows…The best thing about this hotel was and always will be the Location – get that right – then it’s just hard work after that.

Throughout the winter months with rain flooding from balconies into the dining room – we took Pilots from F.R.A at Bournemouth Airport – I don’t think we would have survived without them

Thanks Guys – and for the wonderful memories.

So, as you can tell from the above I am not afraid of hard work and never have been.

I’m a good person and have great compassion – and I’m a good friend with great loyalty.  And here we are at another crossroads in life – still with the fire in my belly and the internal motivation as strong as ever.

Siobhan is happily married with a son of her own.  David’s Business hit the skids because of the death of the high street… but he’s happy to be out of the rat race.  Now we have the time and contacts and money to focus on my dreams.  I helped David for thirty years in his business and was always there for him – apart from the hotel years – now its pay back time … which seems fair.

Our Initial Concept.

The logistics of taking the dream from the initial stages and getting help with the design – then having it manufactured in China… this was a huge step and fraught with many, many problems from importing to storage and from marketing to selling.

We made some serious mistakes along the way… but hey… they make you stronger for the second round.  If you cannot learn from these mistakes then you should not be in business in the first place.

The cost to date has been heavy in pain and tears and time.  We even had to fold the company once and begin all over again because we allowed the wrong person to become involved as a partner.

Now we are on the threshold of a new dream and we are free of any third parties promising what they cannot fulfil.

Everything is now in place to take this to a whole new level… and this time we are ready.

To quote a song that has great meaning…

I can see clearly now the pain has gone…

Let the journey begin…