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Welcoming Baby

The arrival of newborn babies is a time for blissful celebration. It’s one of those life-changing moments for a family because they see their family grow. Newborn babies make a family feel that little bit more complete and they bring so much love into their parents lives that they never forget.

The wait

The magic of baby memories starts from the first ultrasound. The moment you see that tiny life growing inside of you is the moment your life transforms and goes down a completely different path.

Ultrasounds, really, are your first introduction to the littlest member of your family. They show you your baby on a fuzzy little screen, they even let you hear the vibrations of your little baby’s heartbeat. For most mums, that’s the biggest teaser of all. They can see their baby, they can feel the baby growing, but they can’t reach out and touch.

The ultrasound shows you that precious baby as it grows and makes you yearn to hold them tightly. This can make mums feel impatient like a child at Christmas; it’s the ultimate example of seeing something that you want desperately but can’t quite have. Patience is a virtue, but it’s almost impossible to be that virtuous or patient when you are that excited to meet your newborn baby.

The arrival

Nine months go by and your baby is eager to get out to greet you. Although the process of giving birth can be uncomfortable for some mothers, the end result makes all of that a completely distant memory. That first time that you see your newborn baby is an irreplaceable, treasured memory.

Holding such a precious little life in your arms for the first time is such a powerful and special moment. From the first cries to the first time they hold your finger, it’s as if time stops completely and there’s only you, your baby and your family in the whole world. The pain and discomfort just falls away into nothingness and your life fits together in a bright new way.

Memories and keepsakes

Nothing is more precious than giving life to a newborn and the memories deserve to be preserved and treasured forever. Thinking about births in your family or in your circle of friends is instantly heart-warming and so magical that you need something special to keep all of your memories together.

The My BabyLog memory chest gives you one beautifully hand-crafted keepsake box to hold everything: first tooth, hospital tag, even your first picture of your precious newborn. This chest of memories keeps you and your baby close together forever. You can pass it down to them as they grow older; you can sit down with them and show them who they were as they become who they will be.

Whether it’s for your baby or someone else’s, our memory chest is a way to keep hold of every last detail of your baby from the very first moments of their life.

Thanks for reading!

Barbara x

Earls Court baby show winners

Warmest Congratulations

To the following winners of the ‘MyBabylog Memory Chest’ Prize Draw.

  •     Friday’s Winner was Clare Sandilands.
  •     Saturday’s Winner was Nicola Klein and
  •     Sunday’s Winner was Jordan Toby.

Thanks to everyone for taking part in our Prize Draw… it was really wonderful meeting everyone of you and receiving such positive feedback on MyBabylog.

Baby Memory Chests – A nice way to chart baby progress

The other day a gift of the My Babylog keepsake chest was given to soon-to-be parents.  It was one of those ‘friends of friends’ really but upon receiving the memory box they were absolutely overjoyed at it, loved the fact that it could store a lot more than just Christening keepsakes, but the entire baby’s life – all in one box.

They are expecting their baby in August of this year which is apparently a boy – so congratulations to them on their very special gift!

What was really interesting is that they said they’d been looking for ages for a box that was a little bit better than the standard ones available and couldn’t believe the amount of drawers, compartments and little touches we put in to it.

I guess it’s love of children that made me think so much about what I would want to see in a baby keepsake box to be honest.  I know that I am a classic hoarder of beautiful things and when it comes to children and grandchildren it can be so easy to lose things.   Whether that’s the first lock of hair or their first tooth – it seems such a shame to misplace those things, which is another reason I put so much blood, sweat and tears in to creating this one.

The journey for My Babylog has been a very, very long one with so much effort to get it right – but I’m pleased to say what started out as a dream has become a reality as the My Babylog brand grows and – while it’s easy to be cynical about ‘the sale’ I do genuinely love the fact that everytime a My Babylog is given to new parents, soon-to-be parents or even Grandparents, their joy makes the past few years totally bearable!

If you want a baby keepsake box that will allow you to store much more than the norm, then I’d love you to opt for the My Babylog memory chest as hopefully you will smile as much as the soon-to-be parents that got theirs a couple of weeks ago!

From little acorns…

Hi everyone, welcome to My Babylog Blog…I am the creator of  My Babylog – and it is so exciting to finally see that something which was in my head many, many moons ago finally reach the Market Place… not in a big way…YET – but we will get there – because I never give up… I never give in… and I never take ‘No’ for an answer.  Besides I have the secret ingredient…Internal Motivation.  So call me Mrs Tenacity if you like.
Here is one of my all time favourite little verses.Hold fast to Dreams
For if Dreams die
Life is a broken winged bird…
That cannot fly.

Let me tell you a little about my journey so far…

I come from Dublin – and my heart is green without a doubt.  You know the old saying… ‘You can take the child out of Ireland – but you can never take Ireland out of the child’ that’s me and very proud of it. I sometimes spell my name Barbragh instead of Barbara.

The reason I left at the age of sixteen was because I came from an extremely dysfunctional family – which in later years became even more toxic – so the emotional intelligence kicked in at a very early age at around 7 years of age when I planned on leaving the family I was born into.  I dreamed of living in England and to marry a well educated respectable  man – who would not feel ashamed to push a baby in a pram… something that back in the sixties no man would be seen dead doing… in Dublin anyway.  I never ran away from Ireland…just the family.

My plan was also to also live in Switzerland and Canada… what makes you think I like the snow!

I worked as a Nanny in Toronto Canada but prior to this I worked in Switzerland as a barmaid cum disc jockey for a winter season in Leysin… Wow! Now there’s a story all by itself.  You see the young man who I fell in love with – and still hold very fond memories of today is Alex. I did not know who he was.  We worked in the bar at nights together and skied during the day.  He kept his identity from me – hoping I would love him for himself and not because his father was the Lord Mayor of Bern.  He became the successful lawyer which was always his dream to follow in his father’s footsteps and now he too is the Mayor of Berne – Capital of Switzerland.

Coming from a family of eight the ‘flight factor’ kicked in pretty early as a means of survival and here began my real journey. – See more at: http://www.mybabylog.co.uk/mybabylog/blog-and-news/?start=20#sthash.8Quh60sJ.dpuf