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The first steps towards a lifetime of memories

There are so many memories to cherish when your children are born that you’re spoilt for choice. Everything memory is a gift worth keeping for as long as you possibly can. Some people keep scrapbooks, others keep photographs, but a keepsake memory chest is a sweet way to keep everything in one place. It can grow from a chest of memories into a family heirloom that you pass down to your children as they get older.

It’s all down to our perception, but children seem to be growing up so quickly these days. Days fly by, quickly becoming years before we even realise. MyBabyLog can keep the sadness of time at bay and give you the chance to keep hold of every precious memory of your newborn babies for the rest of their lives.

The MyBabyLog keepsake box will hold all sorts of wonderful firsts that you proud parents experience with your newborn baby. You can fill out your family tree to show them where they came from – a lot easier than entering BBC’s ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’, wouldn’t you agree? There are so many firsts that come and go so quickly that it’s important to have something to collect them all in one place and protect them from being lost to time.

Baby’s first scan

There are precious few moments as magical as the first time you go for an ultrasound and see your baby developing inside you. Something changes inside you when you see that precious life on the screen; it’s as if your whole life pieces together in a single moment. You can store baby’s first scan picture in the My BabyLog memory chest and show your son or daughter as they grow up. When it comes time for them to have their first child, they can pass it down and add their own baby scan pictures to the box. It’s another lovely way of creating a family heirloom that’s passed down from parent to child.

Baby’s first tooth

When baby loses their first tooth, it’s an important step on their road to development. That special first tooth is a reminder that their journey has started and they’re beginning to grow up as they replace their baby teeth. While teething can be a painful time for newborn babies, baby’s first tooth is a simple reminder of the time when they were new to this world and so tiny. Their first tooth symbolises their innocence and dependence on parents, something which they grow out of far too quickly for our liking! (Well, some do…)

Our babies are our most delicate and special gifts; we love to share and cherish every single moment as it graces us because time races on ahead without a care for savouring the ones that mean the most to us. With the MyBabyLog memory chest, you are never more than a few minutes away from reliving a lifetime of happy memories.

Barbara x