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Welcoming Baby

The arrival of newborn babies is a time for blissful celebration. It’s one of those life-changing moments for a family because they see their family grow. Newborn babies make a family feel that little bit more complete and they bring so much love into their parents lives that they never forget.

The wait

The magic of baby memories starts from the first ultrasound. The moment you see that tiny life growing inside of you is the moment your life transforms and goes down a completely different path.

Ultrasounds, really, are your first introduction to the littlest member of your family. They show you your baby on a fuzzy little screen, they even let you hear the vibrations of your little baby’s heartbeat. For most mums, that’s the biggest teaser of all. They can see their baby, they can feel the baby growing, but they can’t reach out and touch.

The ultrasound shows you that precious baby as it grows and makes you yearn to hold them tightly. This can make mums feel impatient like a child at Christmas; it’s the ultimate example of seeing something that you want desperately but can’t quite have. Patience is a virtue, but it’s almost impossible to be that virtuous or patient when you are that excited to meet your newborn baby.

The arrival

Nine months go by and your baby is eager to get out to greet you. Although the process of giving birth can be uncomfortable for some mothers, the end result makes all of that a completely distant memory. That first time that you see your newborn baby is an irreplaceable, treasured memory.

Holding such a precious little life in your arms for the first time is such a powerful and special moment. From the first cries to the first time they hold your finger, it’s as if time stops completely and there’s only you, your baby and your family in the whole world. The pain and discomfort just falls away into nothingness and your life fits together in a bright new way.

Memories and keepsakes

Nothing is more precious than giving life to a newborn and the memories deserve to be preserved and treasured forever. Thinking about births in your family or in your circle of friends is instantly heart-warming and so magical that you need something special to keep all of your memories together.

The My BabyLog memory chest gives you one beautifully hand-crafted keepsake box to hold everything: first tooth, hospital tag, even your first picture of your precious newborn. This chest of memories keeps you and your baby close together forever. You can pass it down to them as they grow older; you can sit down with them and show them who they were as they become who they will be.

Whether it’s for your baby or someone else’s, our memory chest is a way to keep hold of every last detail of your baby from the very first moments of their life.

Thanks for reading!

Barbara x